About me

of Golden-West story continues........

I'm Nina Peedu and I am a third- generation breeder

14.7.2014 Kennel of Golden-West celebrate 50 years of breeding work!!

I saw the first borzoi litter to be born in 1971 at my grandparents, Aili and Unto Porvali. I was then three years old and my love for these dogs was born at the same time. I spent all my summers at my grandparent's house until I was 17. I was touring dog shows in Finland, Sweden and Norway and it was the best time of my life!

Now I only have warm and lovely memories left and the honour to bring onward the breeding work my grandmother srated. in year 1995 I became the second owner, if the kennel of Golden-Westm which was a great honour to me. My big bereavement is that we never had time to breed a common litter, bacause my grandmother died accidantally in 1997. I have bred Golden retrievers from 1993, but the borzoi is "my" breed.

After the death of my grandmother I met another big sorrow. I was two borzoi females in co-owner and family kill my girls;O( Then went to my faith in people and I did not want to continue breeding. My grief lasted for several years until I was able again to continue the work which my grandmother had started!!

But now I have a wonderful puppies owners and I am grateful that I can trust the people! You all keep good care of them!! Thank You!


I am approved by the Finnish Kennel Club identification of markers and Show Secretary.


Finally, I would like to say: " Trust and believe in yourself and you wonderful borzois! Take care yourselves and each other!
Best Regards, Nina