FinCh & Est Ch & EstWW- of Golden-West Esepa


Lovely "Iina"

Mom never forget You Iina
Fin Ch Coverdale's Dimitroff "Juuso"
Juuso was/are my inspiration in breed this lovely breed. I'm never saw so wonderful male; kind, aristocrat and honourable male;O)
9 years 3 months old
Juuso, King Live
You came to my life like a son of
the wind
You were strong, happy and
faithful, my friend
Your love, gentleness, wisdom,
I will never forget
My son of the wind, came to the end
of livenon earth
Came time to go beside his friends
in heaven
Now it's time for tears
No one can take our time away,
What we travelled together everyday
I know, new king will born again
You gave Your children, the power of love,
Love of the king
You will be in my heart forever!
Fin Ch Anna-Su Alfa Dimitroff "Alfa"
(Fin Ch Coverdale's Dimitroff/Zebec Basma Barynja)
Lovely Alfa, now You have peace
Jazzaro's Show Must Go On "Mimosa"
(Multi Ch, Multi Winner Khafka's Spice is hot/Int* Ch, BaltW-07,LtuW-08,PlW-08 Agha Djari's Un-Break My Heart)
I know that you now have a better!
- Love Mom -

Coverdale's My Fair Lady "Julia"


ow. kennel of Golden-West

Fin KVA-m Eugenian Anastasia "Nanna"

31.8.2004 - 7.11.2014

You will be in my heart forever!

                                                        (Fin Ch Eugenian Markofame/Tanagra Du Grand Fresnoy)

                                                                    breed: Eva Hartojoki & Kirsi Turunen



2006 FBC BOB Lure Coursing Borzoi

2006 SMM-2

2006 New Lure Coursing Borzoi

2006 HVK BOB Lure Coursing Borzoi

2007 SMM-3

2007 FBC BOS Lure Coursing Borzoi